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Four Ways To Play With Gray On Your Wedding Day

Aktualisiert: 6. Sept. 2018

Gray is the new black!

HOFLA Couture Weddning Dress Anabelle
HOFLA Couture Gown Anabelle

It is a versatile color that can help you tie together all the small details of your big day. It effortlessly evokes a sense of sophistication while maintaining a refreshing vibe. Plus, it’s safe to pair it up with practically any other color you want. Whether you want something trendy or something rustic, choosing the color gray can help make your wedding day even more magical.

Below we list down ways to use this elegant and unusual color to stand out on your wedding day:

1. Dress Up Your Entourage

Gray is a great color choice for wedding attires because it looks good on almost everyone.

Yes, black is usually the color of choice when it comes to suits and other “masculine” details of a wedding. But if you want something more warm and playful but still elegant, choose gray instead. It’s the modern choice for groomswear, especially if you have a more relaxed celebration like a destination wedding! You can also use gray in the other details such as the socks, ties, or bowties.

If you are a more adventurous bride, you can use gray in the details of your wedding too. You can have a traditional white gown with gray lace, beads, and ribbons. You can even choose different shades of gray for a completely stunning look. If you want to really make an impact, go ahead and pick an all-gray gown.

HOFLA Gray Blush Tulle Wedding Dress
HOFLA Wedding dress Lilly brings blush and lighter shades of gray together

Gray bridesmaid dresses look good in any season. It’s the perfect color whether you want something elegant or something minimalist. Just pair it up with nice pastel accessories or colorful bouquets.

2. Gray Dining

A gray table setting? Who would’ve thought?

But hey, it works really well! The nice thing about gray is that you don’t need to use it sparingly because the color is unobtrusive. There are even shades of gray which look softer than white. It’s a great detail that will help create a memorable dining ambiance in your reception.

From timeless to modern, boho to rustic, there are numerous ways to use gray on your table settings. Having a garden reception? You can pick gray as the main color of your neutral setting and use natural accents that will add pops of color. Going minimalist? You can use gray to add special place holders to match your modern vibe.

3. Make Thing Sweeter With A Grey Wedding Cake

Burgundy And Gray Color Scheme Wedding Cake
Burgundy And Gray Color Scheme for Your Wedding Cake

Ombre, chevron, ruffles, hand painted designs - when it comes to playing with gray for your cake, the options are endless. It all boils down to your personality and preference.

White and gray is a timeless combination that is versatile enough for any theme or setting. If you want a vintage wedding cake, lace accents and piped pearl designs add an old world feel to the design. You can also add oversized sugar flower in warm blush tones or pale yellow. If you are going for a more modern look, you can go for a clean but dramatic fondant cake in white and gray. Play with texture to create an impact.

Make sure to choose a cake stand and topper that really brings out the theme you are going for.

4. Don’t forget to Combine Gray With Your Favorite Hue

Generally speaking, grey goes well with anything. Some of the most popular combinations are gray and pink, gray and pale yellow, and gray and dusty blue. Whether you want a subdued, elegant wedding or a bold party, there is a perfect shade of gray for you!

Most people would choose gray as the accent color, but you can go against the tide and make it your main color instead. You can even mix up different shades of gray to have a more striking palette. Can you imagine how beautiful the photos will look? Don’t be scared to do something a little unusual if that’s what you want. After all, your wedding just happens once in your life.


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