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Royal Wedding Trends Influencing the Modern Bride

When there is a royal wedding, we see a shift in wedding trends. For example, when Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in May, it was a stunning display of two very different worlds. The Intertwining of traditional and modern elements, combined with sentimental details was a display to the public that times are changing in royal tradition and this has seen preferences and wedding influences change around the world.

The trends that have experienced an uprising after the latest royal wedding include:

A Modern Twist to Wedding Dresses

Meghan wanted a new, fresh design for her wedding dress, and she succeeded in her intent to look absolutely stunning. The simplicity of her wedding dress was the talk of the day; the pure white bateau neckline Givenchy creation by Clare Waight Keller was a result of close collaboration between her and Meghan. For comparison, when Prince William and Kate Middleton said yes in 2011, Kate wore the Alexander McQueen lace gown with a sweetheart bodice and V-neckline, which sparked the lace trend for quite a long time after. These dresses reflected the women who wore them and although vastly different from each other, they were sleek and elegant with a lot less ‘frills’ than we have seen in previous trends. The modern era expects something understated and classy when it comes to wedding dresses now.

Subtle Personal Touches

One trend coming from the latest royal wedding is personalisation. Whilst personalisation is part of every wedding, it's often not as subtle or detail-oriented as it was on Meghan and Harry's big day. Her compact bouquet was made of forget-me-nots, which were Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s mother’s, favourite flower, and speckled with seasonal flowers that were hand-picked by Prince Harry himself.

Long Veils and Tiaras

Meghan's wedding dress was accented by a very long veil (16.5 feet / 5 meters!) with hand-embroidered floral motifs, representing the flora of each of the 53 countries of the Commonwealth. The floral veil was hanging from Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau filigree tiara lent to Meghan by the Queen herself as her something borrowed. Although not everyone can borrow the Queen’s jewels, the increase in a dramatic veil and tiara rather than a dramatic dress is showing through in today’s trends.

Non-Traditional Traditions

The royal weddings are now starting to challenge tradition and this is reflected in new wedding trends where brides would rather have what they want, rather than what tradition dictates (e.g. colourful wedding dresses.)

Prince Harry was the one to break tradition this time by deciding to wear a wedding band, unlike Prince William and Prince Philip. For Prince William’s wedding to Katherine Middleton, only Kate received a ring. But, while they adhered to the ‘no male ring’ tradition, their wedding announcement was a shock when it was decided that the second in line to the throne was marrying a ‘commoner’.

Even in 2011, many were openly discussing whether the Queen should even allow such a wedding to take place. Looking back, even Prince Charles broke tradition when he decided to get a divorce and remarry Camilla Parker Bowles. One could argue that Meghan continued this non-tradition too, as she already has a marriage behind her.

White Guests

Simpler colour palettes have risen in popularity after William and Kate’s marriage but something more shocking is that an increasing amount of guests feel it’s okay to wear white to a wedding now. Both Kate and Meghan’s flower girls wore white at their respective weddings and, as did Kate’s sister and maid of honour, Pippa Middleton, who got high praise for the dress she wore then.

Fresh Arrangements and Greenery

Kate and William’s wedding used greenery extravagantly, to the point they had indoor trees. Harry and Megan decided on ample use of green décor too, which was a bold step away from the usual floral backdrops often seen at celebrity or royal weddings. The bouquets, on the other hand, were fairly simple, but accented by the liberal use of green. The venue decoration and prep are another story altogether: it’s go big or go home. A richly decorated venue with ample greenery and extravagant arches is the latest trend, especially with greenery being sourced locally!

Younger Bridal Party Guests

While many weddings shy away from including children to the party, both Meghan and Kate’s bridal parties included lots of children. The trends are also shifting towards including more kids at wedding parties and processions – while there was usually just a flower girl or two at a wedding, now there are four, five or even more.

It’s not surprising that when a royal wedding includes the nation, normal wedding trends are influenced too, so if you’re planning your wedding, contact us and see how we can help you stay on trend.

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